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2021 Jeff Park Cider

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$20.00 per Bottle


2021 Jeff Park Cider
Jefferson Park, Chicago Michigan Fruit

VIN312’s Jeff Park Cider consists of a blend of Dolgo Crabapples and antique apple varieties such as Black Gilliflower, Porter’s Perfection, and many others. These varieties come from an orchard in the middle of Michigan that grows over 1000 varieties of apples. The crabapples are wild harvested from the Jefferson Park neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago.

Our Jeff Park Cider is a slightly off dry cider with nice tannins on the palate with gentle tartness. The color is a light yellow color with a dash of light green hue. This cider has bright acid but isn’t overly tart. The slight residual sugar makes it approachable but definitely not sweet which is what we like to experience in our cider. In order to truly taste and enjoy cider we recommend using a wine glass!

Dolgo Crabapple
Black Gilliflower, Porter’s Perfection and other Michigan Varietals

Apple Source: Jefferson Park, Chicago

Production: Phase 1: Glass Carboys - Phase 2: Traditional Method fermentation in Bottle

Vintage 2021
Size 500 ml