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The Newest Addition to the Cellar!

The Newest Addition to the Cellar!
Welcome to the first of many posts on the Winemaker’s Blog. I’m looking forward to providing a small glimpse into what we do in the cellar to produce exceptional wines.

I geek out when we have new additions to the cellar; the added equipment helps to fine-tune and make the process that more enjoyable.

This newest addition is our humidifier, and it plays an essential part in keeping the barrels hydrated in a winery—the cellar should be maintained above 30% humidity to avoid wine evaporation. If the water were to evaporate, it leaves behind higher content alcohol.

The humidifier can come with challenges of its own. Chicago, and most large cities, have higher chlorine content in the water. This is not unusual for a public source since it controls the bacteria in the water. Chlorine in the winery can cause undesirable bacterial problems. Having a reverse osmosis water filter, It’s like having a water filter on steroids. The addition of UV light kills all rogue bacteria in five stages! Very cool.

Until next time - Warner

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